Dairi-Pak Mountain Bike Challenge - 2nd May 2020

We are very grateful to Dairi-Pak for their continued support and sponsorship of this event.

We would also like to thank landowners and farmers in the Berwyn Mountains for allowing us access across their land during the event.

This annual event raises money for the Air Ambulance. It seems appropriate that the community that relies on the Air Ambulance comes together each year to raise funds.
There isn't an entry fee but riders can collect sponsorship or make a donation of at least £30 to ride the challenge. For some it's a personal challenge to complete the 22 miles, some come to beat their personal best time from previous years and others ride with family and friends for a fun day out.
The main route for the DAIRI-PAK Mountain Bike Challenge is a 22 mile course mainly on off-road tracks.
With the co-operation of the landowners we have access to routes, not normally open to the public, through some beautiful scenery in the Berwyn Mountains. There are 30 marshall points along the route, including water stations and there is a complementary buffet lunch at the Rhiwlas Village Hall on your return.

James - the winner of the 2019 Challenge

We were lucky with the weather for the bike challenge this year, after a very cold, wet week the sun came out for us.

It was a bit breezy on the top of the hills but that just kept the rides cool! We had 135 riders join us, the largest number for quite a few years.

2 riders battled it out for the fastest time and James Davies was the one who has the honour this time.

Last years fastest rider, James Martin, didn't log his finish time this year because he just kept going and went around twice!

As always a huge thank you to our sponsor Dairi-Pak, the local farmers who allowed us over their land, St Johns Ambulance and Raynet, the marshals and all the volunteers who helped make this event successful.

Fastest times

James Davies 1 hr 44 mins

Phil Sweeney 1 hr 48 mins

Matt Parry 1 hr 57 mins

Dyfen Evans 2hrs

Fastest woman

Sally Ellis 2 hrs 23 mins

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The 135 riders gathering for the start of the 2019 Challenge

Video kindly provided by James Davies


James - the winner of the 2018 Challenge
We had sunshine and a great turnout of 107 riders for the Borderland Mountain Bike Challenge today. A huge thanks to Dairi-Pak our sponsor, the landowners who allow us across their land, St Johns Ambulance, Raynet, the Rotarians and volunteers who marshalled, baked cakes, made sandwiches, tea etc. Also to all the riders and families who turned up today to help us raise money for the Air Ambulance. You all made it a great event.

Fastest times

James Martin 1hour 35 mins

Congratulations to James, he has the honour of being the profile photo on our Facebook page for the next 12 months!

James Davies 1hour 36 mins
Phil Sweeney 1 hour 42 mins
Mathhew Parry 1 hour 47mins
Faisal Douzi 1hour 53 mins

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The riders gathering for the start of the 2018 Challenge
James Davies - 2017
fastest time - 1hr 35min

Mountain Bike Challenge 2017 photos
2017 Event Report
We had 122 riders take part in the Bike Challenge for 2017. A steady stream of riders signed in at Rhiwlas Village Hall and the challenge started promptly at 10am. The weather was cool and dry. The fastest time over the 22 miles was 1 hour 35 minutes. Congratulations to James Davies...that is an impressive time! He is the profile photo on our Facebook page for the next 12 months!

A special thank you to our sponsors Dairi-Pak, Raynet, St Johns Ambulance, we rely on your support. Thanks also to all the volunteers and the cyclists who raised funds for the Air Ambulance.

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Mountain Bike Challenge

© Stephen Beaumont 2016
Playing in the mud

© Stephen Beaumont 2016

The route map links to a Garmin page with more detail

video by John Tudor

video by Jamie Dallow

We are extremely grateful to Jamie Dallow for providing this information

Please note: Some stretches of the course are only available to us on the day of the Borderland Mountain Bike Challenge and may not be ridden before or after the event and we thank the land owners for their support.
2015 Event Report
The day started early with some keen cyclists signing in by 8.30am at Rhiwlas Village Hall. In the next hour we had 96 riders arrive ready for the Bike Challenge.
Borderland President Linda Butler started the riders on their way at 10 am.
All 32 marshalls were in place along the route with several feeding stations well stocked with drinks and Haribo...other sweets are available! If the riders didnt like the weather they only had to wait 10 minutes for it to change. We had wind, rain and a little sunshine...
The first 3 riders were back within 2 hours.
Congratulations to Tim Rutherford (1hr 56mins) James Martin (1 hr 58 mins) and James Davies (2 hours) that is impressive!
Well done to everyone who took part, you rose to the challenge and have the certificate to prove it. A huge thank you to our sponsors Dairi-Pak, also to Raynet, St Johns Ambulance, all the volunteers and the cyclists who helped to make this a successful day raising funds for the Air Ambulance. We have hundreds of photographs of this year's event, which have been posted, see the links below. MORE PICTURES POSTED
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The weather could have been kinder for the 2014 Challenge!

The event started in the drizzle and got heavier around the course. Some sectors in the more exposed areas were quite windy and rather cool.There was the odd period of sunshine that allowed the riders to enjoy the views of the beautiful Berwyn Mountains but the bright periods were short lived.
With the rain over night before before the event the going could have been described as 'firm to good' making the course testing in places with the odd areas of mud and a worthy challenge for the riders! The free sandwiches, cake and a drink was very welcome by all the tired, wet and muddy riders but each and every one returned with a smile on their faces at their achievement - well done all.

Borderland Rotary